Barbecook gas grill Siesta Europe

32244 - Barbecook gas grill Siesta Europe

Barbecook gas grill Siesta Europe

Item number: 32244

Barbecook gas grill Siesta
With the siesta you can thanks to the drip tray, which after grilling in
the dishwasher can and the dirt-repellent "Repellent Glass Finish" -
Grill coating without fussing. Not only the cleaning is easy, but
also the operation goes with "one hand" buttons, which provide security, like clockwork. So you can give your friends your barbecue know-how carefree demonstrate while preparing tasty dishes.

- Fat trays, which you put into the dishwasher after grilling
- Surface of "Repellant Glass Finish"
- dirt-repellent and easy-care
- One-hand buttons for secure, always-on operation
- High quality and stable construction
- Safe lighting
- More precise setting
- Intuitive control Thermic Air Cushion
- Double coated lid, for a constant temperature
- Dimensions (L x W x H): 120 x 55.7 x 118.8 cm
- 2 powerful main burners made of stainless steel
- Power: 10.9 kW
- Grill area (L x W): 35 x 43 + 13.5 x 43 cm
- Material grates: enameled cast iron
- Material warming rack: Enamelled
Total: 260 pieces
Price take all: 250.00 EUR each
EXW Europe

Price: 250.00 €

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