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Appliances Europe

Item number: 48521

Lot of 12 000 thousand pieces
350 washing machines
1 000 large and medium refrigerators
820 hobs of various sizes
370 penguins hot and cold
13 restaurant kitchens
270 air conditioners
1 000 interlocking ovens of various sizes
500 televisions of various sizes
We spread the rest for you to get to 1 400 large pieces. Small to medium pieces are 3 600 and are aspirators, microwaves, coffee machines, brush cutters, faucets type electronic shower regulator small and large faucets with mixer, ice cream machines, immersion blender, electronic scale high-end knives
New goods with warranty
Price take all: 79.00€ each
EXW Italy
Video per customer request

Price: 79.00 €

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